About Us

Personal Choice Independent Funeral Directors, St Austell, Par and surrounding areas has gained a reputation in the community for being a caring and personal funeral service. At Personal Choice our primary concern is to offer the highest quality personal service, with the utmost consideration and compassion at a difficult time.

When bereavement happens in the family it is one of the most difficult days of your life and although it sometimes maybe expected, nothing prepares you for the emotional shock of losing someone. Our dedicated team at Personal Choice are here to help and guide you in whichever way we can. Whether it’s a burial or cremation, each funeral is customised to suit each families needs. It is a privilege to be chosen to arrange your loved ones funeral and we will do our utmost to guide you through this sensitive time from the passing away.

At Personal Choice we also offer pre-payment funerals. Planning a funeral can be an uncomfortable thing to do but pre-planning can give you peace of mind and take away any burden from family during such an emotional time.

Meet Our Team

With many years of experience providing a compassionate and empathetic service including the creation of Personal Choice Independent Funeral Directors. The traditional, gentle and family ethos over many years with a caring service has been passed down throughout the staff to ensure that the identical service is facilitated to each family, to ensure the best service for families, furthermore to ensure everyone feels individually cared for at a time of much needed consideration.

Personal Choice has grown and expanded from the original chapel of rest in Par Green, the chapel of rest on Alexander Road, St Austell and the most recent chapel of rest at Mount Charles, St Austell all to ensure that families needs are met including travelling to spend time with a loved one or ensuring the loving members of the family are close to their homes.

Under the architects of Personal Choice Independent Funeral Directors we have a team who have natural caring personalities and have continued the growth, meaning and caring philosophy of their past.


Martyn Jones – Joined Personal Choice Funerals and has been part of the team for eight years. Martyn is a family man with amazing children. Since joining in 2012 Martyn has developed into a knowledgeable Funeral Director ensuring the same philosophy as the creators of Personal Choice Funerals.
Having experience of arranging simple, diverse and complicated services, all with a caring, calm and assured manner. Martyn enjoys the variety of beliefs, relationships, cultures and requirements that emerge when caring for a family and their loss. Martyn never tires of meeting families and guiding them through the arrangements, the planning of their loved ones service, making sure their family member is cared for in the highest manner, listening and ensuring all wishes are met during the most upsetting and delicate time of a families life.
With a warm, kind, approachable personality Martyn will put families at ease and will always endeavour to complete all family wishes and be a listening ear for anyone to the highest standard.


John Penn - John joined Personal Choice Funerals in 2016 and he has been a comfort to many families in their times of need by being such a supportive person. John has assisted and led in all aspects of the funeral industry from caring for a loved one, assisting with family wishes, to conducting services for the families.
Born in Launceston he is a proud Cornishman, even if he doesn't necessarily sound like one. Spending the majority of his working life in retail and customer services, John's ability to listen, be caring, being full of empathy, all with a warm inviting smile and greeting everywhere he goes is greatly appreciated.
John has intuitively tried to help people when needed, he has now found a role where he can truly make a difference to the lives of those around him during their times of need.


Leanne gives admin support to funeral directors, owners and other members of staff and has been with Personal Choice Funerals since the beginning. She lived in Roche when her dad moved back to Cornwall, after being in the forces for 24 years and has live in St Blazey since 2004 with her husband and daughter.

Leanne is more often than not the first face or voice when families contact us in their time of need. She ensures that everyone is taken care of and often finds she is the go to person within Personal Choice Funerals. Leanne's personality ensures families feel settled and their needs are met.


Hayley was born and raised in St. Austell and it has been her lifelong aspiration to work in the funeral profession. Hayley has 4 years experience now, three of which with us at Personal Choice Funerals as our office Administrator, assisting our funeral directors to ensure families needs are met.

She is caring and conscientious and has a passion for looking after families. Hayley prides herself on ensuring the families have everything they ask for in terms of arrangements,. music, service sheets and a listening ear in times of need.

Hayley naturally creates openness for families to express their sadness during visits or calls.

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